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on May 21, 2015

pashmina is the finest type of cashmere. a wool which comes from three breeds of pashmina goats that are native to the himalayas. these materials share a long history with india and nepal having been hand spun and hand woven for thousands of years. 

hand spinning and weaving is an extremely lengthy and skilful task that requires patience and dedication.  the raw material is sorted, stretched, cleaned and then soaked to soften. pashmina wool is hand spun on a spinning wheel which in india is locally known as a 'charkha'. this process forms long threads that can then be hand loomed creating scarves and throws. as it is a delicate process, time and care is taken with every pashmina shawl or scarf. experienced makers can take up to 250 hours to complete a simple throw.

having been subject to low temperatures, high altitudes and harsh climates pashmina wool is naturally warm, durable and light, making it perfect to wear in the colder months. 

we love pashminas because the entire process from harvesting, spinning, weaving and dyeing is all completed by hand. the diligence and craftsmanship of these processes results in such a high quality material with a luxurious feel and look.

our pashminas are sourced direct from india and each piece is hand selected. you will find pashminas and cashmere and many other scarves and throws at both our potts point and surry hills showrooms.


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