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finding yourself at home...

on August 07, 2015

have you ever needed to sit thirty-six people in your home?

a client approached us recently with a request for a dining table to seat twenty four. we worked out that their room could fit a single table at five and a half meters long and two meters wide.

we love the pure shape of a ellipse. it functions well to be very inclusive of everyone sitting in a large group. it means that the entire table can see each other’s face and that people can be equally spaced and that no-one is isolated or dominating by being at the head of the table.

for many reasons we knew that the table would need to be built and installed in sections and because we use sustainably grown timber, it would be impossible to find matching timber five and a half meters long.
so a design was resolved to have three smaller tables, to combine in the room. we use the spotted gum on an angle, to work with the angled slices through the pure elliptical shape.

as an added bonus, the tables were designed to work independently and in this formation, can comfortably seat thirty-six people. the end wing-shaped pieces work well against a wall as consoles. by setting the legs back from the table edge, ultimate flexibility of seating arrangement was also achieved.


please come and see us if you feel that you may have a special requirement.


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