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cosy up

on July 18, 2016

we love natural fibres and source unusual textiles from around the world to make many of our unique bedcovers and quilts locally. fabrics include vintage japanese traditional textiles, hand-spun and handwoven silks, cottons and wools, hand embroidery, natural hand-dyes. we had fun putting together different looks to work with these pieces and we are adding more every day to our website....

midnight charcoal tones 
the dark grey silk quilt is a dramatic statement in this setting. composed of vintage japanese silks with hand woven indian silks with cotton filling and cotton back.
ikat is a weaving style that is common to many world cultures and is probably one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. here you can see our cotton ikat quilt. ikat employs a resist dyeing technique, where the threads are bundled, tied tightly, then dyed. this process may be repeated many times to create variations in colour and design within the same piece. after undoing, the threads are set on looms and handwoven.

feel the warmth
 don’t we all love the softness of silk? fabrics made from silk are comfortable in the summer and warm in the winter. these two quilts have been hand stitched in india. this orange planet quilt begun life as a pair of silk saris. peeking out from underneath we can see a pure cotton block printed and hand stitched quilt with cotton filling to keep you toasty.

helen richards and planet collaboration free machine embroidery quilts
helen richards is an australian quilter who draws inspiration from nature in her local environment. this piece is made of vintage japanese silks that ross collects and pieces together. helen has taken 10 days and 5 kilometers of thread to free machine embroider her intricate designs in dense patterns. it has a cotton fill and a hand spun and hand woven cotton back. a luxurious heirloom collectable.

pale greys
for a restful look we chose a patched linen, hemp and silk quilt  with hand spun and hand woven cotton reverse.
underneath with a more subtle tone, a hand woven kutch cotton quilt with natural dyes and silk noile back.

moody blues  indigo
this dark indigo quilt was made out of vintage futon covers with natural indigo dyes and a rice paste resist hand painted design. the backing is hand spun and handwoven indian natural indigo cotton. in japan futon covers that tear are traditionally delicately patched by hand-stitching pieces of cotton either behind or on top. this adds another layer of story to the piece and this “boro” or raggy aesthetic is now highly valued.
also featured folded on top is our itajime shibori cotton omutsu quilt. made with natural indigo, by using traditional resist dye folded and clamped shibori techniques, this quilt was made of vintage japanese “sekka”  or snowflake design shibori cotton pieces, traditionally used for baby’s nappies. they were collected over years of travelling to japan. the backing of this quilt is white linen.
shibori, the japanese tradition of resist dyeing, incorporates tying, sewing, folding and fastening cloth to achieve a variety of colours and textural effects. it is an ancient technique used in great variations through the centuries. the various processes facilitate a repetition of shape and colour, giving rise to beguiling rhythms and a particular dappled aesthetic.

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