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finding yourself at home...

on August 09, 2016

custom design
our design service includes special pieces to fit a specific function or aesthetic requirement. good design is appropriate to a location and lifestyle and end use, so please talk to us about your dreams, problems and needs. clients get our best work from a detailed brief that includes as much information as possible: about the space that the item will inhabit, the other existing materials in the space, the functional requirements and limitations that are relevant.

recently a client asked us about a piece of furniture to go under his living room stairs. he has one of our glass front media units and thought that more black glass would suit the space

he thought that it would be a great spot for drinks service and could use some extra storage

almost immediately after discussing priorities and options, once we viewed the space, the way forward was quite clear and simple. we like to get an interesting brief and with this piece there were many challenges in construction, but everyone involved seemed to enjoy the process

recently we have had a lot of fun with creating particular pieces to resolve tricky spaces. its exciting for everyone involved to come up with an unexpected solution that turns the problem area into a delight.

make an appointment to discuss your needs if possible in our showroom. on-site visits can also be arranged. alternatively, images of a space could be sent to us to work from. from this some conceptual sketches would be developed for client review. then final working drawings would be developed and quotes established. the design process can happen over a few days or a few weeks, depending on availability of everyone involved and then it would be our standard current lead-time for construction.

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