thanks for everything. planet is now closed permanently. only incense will continue to be sold online here. kind regards, ross

finding yourself at home.....

on April 07, 2020

we hope that you are all safe and happy and looking for things to appreciate.
people are starting to talk about their lives slowing down
and how much they are enjoying not being so busy for once...

we have noticed that lots of clients are nesting.
it seems like time to take stock and rethink.
and lots more of you have the inclination to shop online...
although our spacious showroom is still open regular hours,
and generous social distancing is easy.

australian studio ceramists are passionate about making the everyday moments special.
we have restocked the showroom after a hectic season at the end of last year.
how about a new mug? a special bowl for your morning cereal... a plate for those corona biscuits? alessandro di sarno has made a new shino glaze collection for planet, terunobu hirata has delivered a huge selection of different pieces in different styles, both in tableware and vases.
there are many other new items from our regular makers also.

our sandalwood incense is incredibly popular......
a little something to purify, lift spirits and it make you feel special. 
combined with planet designed incense burner, this pair is a perfect gift.

if you purchase an item online, remember to ask us in the note section to send items gift wrapped ... all at no extra charge.....and we can forward direct to whomever you choose, australia wide.

at this time of year we start to look forward to the change in season.
snuggling in bed and on the sofa is extra special with alpaca throws and blankets, or
a planet quilt made from vintage japanese kimono silk and hand-spun and handwoven cotton. all of our carpets are online too....and can be couriered anywhere in australia.

over the last years we have been carefully expanding our full e-commerce website.
photographing, documenting, editing and formatting.
and now we know why.
rather just a research tool, many of you now are using it for purchases like never before.
we are ready here at planet, to help you to navigate the temporary new normal.

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