thanks for everything. planet is now closed permanently. only incense will continue to be sold online here. kind regards, ross

india has made beautiful carpets for hundreds of years. this new batch of handwoven beauties are exclusively designed and made for planet...... flat weave (dhurries) in 100% wool pile.

on March 23, 2017

the wool has been hank-dyed by that there is subtle variation throughout.

we have five colours that we selected to liven up your living spaces and they come in 4 standard sizes: from 2 by 3 meters,  up to 4 by 3 meters

the flat weave is great for a sydney climate: warm in winter, but not too fluffy for summer .....they are a great thick weight, so no curly corners ....and they are easy to move furniture across... as an added bonus they are completely reversible

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