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pale carpet collection

on June 27, 2018

many clients have asked us for paler carpets .... so we listened and went on a journey and had a fresh collection made for you in india... the home of natural fibres and elaborate hand loomed carpets for centuries....

the wool hand loomed pieces above are 100% wool pile and are made for us in three sizes.

the top of our range would be this pure silk pile, double persian knotted style.

the loom is vertical so the pile is pulled in one direction to create a nap, so there is a lovely movement in the pile. its made near varanasi in northern india.

they are repeatedly washed to keep the colour and shape stable.

in one pastel colour each they, have have an ultimate look of understated luxury and feel absolutely spectacular..

the musky pink found a permanent home on its first day in our showroom.. but we can make a huge range of colours on order... perhaps navy blue, or deep emerald? 

definitely for the good room...

a lovely maker from agra made these flat-weave silk dhurries for planet.........I have never seen this done before.

they are so elegant and understated with natural colour variation.

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