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on November 30, 2017

so all year we have been developing new products and researching suppliers to bring you delight.......

from turkish beach towels to hand made ceramic tableware, salad servers to delicate porcelain votives and of course our signature furniture. the painting is by michelle lewis from ernabella, large vases and large bowl by david collins, medium salad bowl by ode, plates by jennifer everitt, tibetan singing bowl, "ikebana" vases by louisa hart

to freshen up your home for relaxed entertaining with handmade textiles and quality textured ceramics. the vase is by stephanie james manttan, bottle by kris coad, the white exterior porcelain bowls by ode, the largest bowl and platter by hilary jones and the centre rear bowl by sharon alpren. the cushions are hand crewel work from kashmir, vintage japanese silks, handloomed cotton with embroidery from india

we have beautiful beach towels in cotton from japan and linen from turkey and many hand-loomed options from india in soft cotton... great gifts for teenagers and kids.... and everyone else too

these hand thrown lovelies by alessandro di sarno are well thought out and beautifully made.......... how great will food look on them!...with pure linen napkins and polished brass salad servers

the dint series of lights and votives are hand thrown in porcelain by szilvia gyorgy... another great classic to make your living spaces sparkle

 and leather wallets for cash, cards and travel needs are a personal item that can be appreciated every day.....

vintage kokeshi dolls from japan add personality and expression to any space


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