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  • finding yourself at home...

    but perhaps going somewhere this summer? we have a great range of bags to suit men and women. including this range in black canvas with leather detailing from qwestion in switzerland. an exclusive one only set ( of 9 only worldwide) is at our surry hills store.


    indigo blues seem to be having their moment in interiors and fashion. we have this amazing collection of vintage japanese pots in surry hills and many come with their original timber signed boxes


    indigo bedlinen, indonesian ikat throw with laos indigo cushions and vintage persian carpet... and we even have some stock furniture for pre christmas delivery including beds

    and also we have a beautiful collection from an australian leathergoods company... perfect day bags for travel or just getting through your day

    handtowels perfect for guests and turkish towels for the beach or by the pool. many of these pieces are hand spun and hand woven from india.


    andrew burns has created these sweet small vases. taking his inspiration from polystyrene, he has used this material to cast from for a delicate surface texture


    you didn't realise that you might need a glass cloud  in your life... cast in four sizes as a sculptural object or perhaps a paperweight?

  • finding yourself at home...

    we have a huge range of small items for the season of gifts... pure natural and about a christmas decoration made from a banksia seed pod?

    a votive turned from a banksia seed pod, pure beeswax candles that purify the air in a room, salus soaps and personal products made in australia from botanicals, organic cotton and organic indian hand spun and hand woven towels.


    a christmas wreath made from dried seedpods can double as a table centrepiece. soaps, natural moth protection, heat packs for sore muscles and drawer liners all wrapped in block printed indigo fabric

    blokes can be tricky to find a gift for and we have loads of great suggestions. beeswax candles are slow burning and actually purify the air in a room and have a subtle sweet scent

    the salus range of bathroom products are pure and fresh botanicals made in australia.... soaps, hand-creams, bath sals and body lotions. we also have affordable japanese porcelain tableware and a great selection of teatowels in pure european linen 

    this new range of hand thrown porcelain lights by szilvia gyorgy softly diffuse light and are made in locally

  • finding yourself at home... 4 june newsletter detail

    indigo dye has been used for thousands of years. it has played a major role in many civilisations having been associated with religious paintings dating back to 500 AD and at the time of the crusades, it was considered a highly valued 'spice'.

    the dye has been used across the world from asia to europe and this colour is still being used today. originally, the indigo colour comes from a plant which undergoes treatment. one method is to harvest the indigo and then place it in a large pot of water to ferment. after a day it is brought to boil changing the colour to blue. when agitated, the blue sediments fall to the bottom. it is then drawn off in to various tubs and sieved leaving a light, hard and sparkling substance. it is then ready for another process which forms the dye.

    the indigo colour has been celebrated by many countries - namely india and japan who have used the indigo extensively to bring colour and beauty to fabrics and wares.

    we love the versatility of this deep and rich colour and its unique and handmade quality. we display indigo bed covers, scarves and shawls and indigo packaged soap and heat packs. you will find these at both our potts point and surry hills showrooms.


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