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we love designing for you

on August 07, 2021

lately we have had some time to photograph some of the hundreds of custom furniture designs that we deliver every year... an unexpected benefit of having  furniture completed that can't be delivered to clients due to the current lockdown.

the showstopper above was more than eighteen months in the planning. these lovely clients with vision, were into our timber and quality of joinery, but wanted something totally unique. so we designed this large scale reception desk to fit three people as their permanent workstation. using solid engineered spotted gum, we can create intricate shapes like this with accuracy, and end up with a finished piece that will be durable, even in a public setting.

this desk was for a big home renovation...
the shape was considered to make sense of the piece sitting under a staircase.
a hinged section in the desk surface allows for cables to disappear, built in paler solid engineered blackbutt timber, the piece is exceptionally fine but also strong, and has a contrasting dark stained drawer.

and of course we are capable of very simple alterations also. the piece above and below had an additional drawer added to our standard configuration...

a client had an existing dalsace desk from us, however needed a moveable bookstand to work with it, to hold heavy folders when he is standing.....a simple integration of the core design features of this desk was used to make sense of the relationship between the two pieces.

changing the size and internal configuration of our designs is often a request that we are happy to meet. this suite of pieces was adapted to up-scaled from our standard pieces... the large cabinet adjusted to fit hanging clothes for house guests on arrival... the console enlarged with two drawers added.

good design relies on the relationship of objects to a space and the functions performed. we love partnering with clients who have a brief for items that will improve their lifestyles..... essentially this means giving us a problem to solve... we love a challenge, so please bring them on!    

kind regards from all of us at planet

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