our classic sandalwood incense is back in stock! ....online and instore and our homewares are as extensive as ever with new stock arriving.......... however the business is for sale (not closing)... please contact ross@planetfurniture.com.au if you are interested in knowing more ........some carpets are on sale online and in store.... please refer to "our background" page for information about furniture availability.....

all lighting

shelter series bone china chandelier

porcelain dint pendant lights


pendants porcelain cut series light


helen jones pandanus lights


porcelain dint light


porcelain cut series light


planet solid brass candle holder


2.2 x 22cm - pure australia beeswax dinner candle


7.4 x 15cm pure australian beeswax pillar


4 x 12.5cm beeswax candle


3.2 x 15cm beeswax candle


3.2 x 25cm beeswax candle

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