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our philosophy

our furniture is simple, sustainable, streamlined and built to last. planet furniture combines the unique resources of sustainably grown solid australian hardwoods with the tradition of highly skilled timber craftsmanship and is designed by ross longmuir. our mission is to strive for originality and a quality that makes sense of our australian context.

the timber

the spotted gum that we use is approximately three times denser than many other hardwoods from elsewhere in the world. combining these characteristics with the best quality joinery and sealing finishes adds years to the lifespan of our products. spotted gum is grown from southern queensland to southern new south wales and comes in a range of colours and develops a beautiful rich depth of patina as it ages. solid timber wears incredibly well, and can be restored easily. certified sustainably grown range timber from re-growth australian forests is used rather than old growth or rainforest timber.

custom furniture design

our design service includes special pieces to fit a specific function or aesthetic requirement. good design is appropriate to a location and lifestyle and end use, so please talk to us about your dreams, problems and needs. clients get our best work from a detailed brief that includes as much information as possible: about the space that the item will inhabit, the other existing materials in the space, the functional requirements and limitations that are relevant. from experience, it is important to remember that as the client, you only need to list your requirements and help document your space. you should not need to solve your own problem! our role as designers is to provide solutions for you.

we'd love to discuss your furniture needs so please contact us on +61 2 9211 5959


slim sofa

flow arm chair

frame mirror

low unit coffee table

slim arm chair

taller thinner mirror

under bed box

cube stool

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