online and instore and our homewares are as extensive as ever with new stock arriving.........the showroom is open as usual and will even open an extra day on 24th december 10am until 2pm......... our incense if back in stock also


anumara tjukurpa - 1220mm x 1020mm - caterpillar dreaming - EA#16 (90-16) by rupert jack


sonia lewis 1210 x 600mm acrylic on linen tjukula / waterholes ea# 104 (641-22)


imitjala pantkiti lewis - minyma kutjara - 1000mm x 500mm - acrylic on canvas EA#70 (507-19)


anumara by yurpiya lionel - EA#38 (624-13) - 400mm x 760mm


inawinytji stanley 1520 x 1220mm acrylic on linen minyma kutjara (two women near ernabella) ea#103 (487-22)

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