bec stevens print on plaster: inventory #1 staircases, ladders and bridges: platform to platform, pier st underpass, ultimo

Bec Stevens

[timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
  • $520.00

approximate size: height 22cm x width 31cm x depth 3.5cm

dry point etching on plaster

these works are a meditation of sorts on built structures. a structure not only serves a purpose or function, it also speaks of its maker’s intent and often of the context in which it was made.

bec sees structures as a visual language that can communicate the complexity of the times in which they are created.

they can communicate ambition, failure, or a passage of time; while embodying new or old ideas. bec became aware that the structures she is drawn to often fall into particular categories in terms of their functions, and this led to ordering the structural studies through the method of an inventory, albeit an endless one. the works are dry-point etchings that are printed through the weight and natural setting of plaster.

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