everett platter molten glaze

jennifer everett

[timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
  • $99.00

approximate size: 30cm diameter

hand built molten reduction glazed bowl. food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

*due to the hand built nature of the product, each platter varies slightly in shape and glazing. 

jennifer wants her ceramics to tell the story of her, who she is, what makes her live and breathe. she wants it to wear soundly her fingerprints and represent all that is the fabric of her life.

jennifer’s process and aesthetic require hours of hand forming and finishing for each piece. her hope is that when someone picks up her work they can feel the warmth, love and attention she imbues into each piece. while she enjoys exploring sculptural and experimental work, her dinnerware is her personal favourite because she knows that it will be held, used and appreciated for its beauty and functionality.

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