pure linen towels - flax
pure linen towels - flax

pure linen towels - flax


aproximate size: 

bath towel: length 140cm x width 70cm

face washer: length 34cm x width 34cm

bath sheet: length 154cm x width 100cm

benefits of using linen: 

- high moisture absorbency
- 30% stronger than cotton
- hypoallergenic properties 
- complete natural resource

important care instructions: 

- before first use, it is recommended to soak in cold water for a few hours followed by a wash to soften the fabric
- wash under 40 degrees on a moderate spin drying cycle. (100% linen shrinks about 7% in the first wash) 
- the more linen is washed the softer and brighter it becomes as the linen fibre structure reflects the light.


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