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108 sandalwood incense sticks
108 sandalwood incense sticks

108 sandalwood incense sticks


108 is a sacred number and appears repeatedly in vedic culture. it is also important in jainism and buddhism. included with this product is 108 sticks of agarbattis pure natural sandalwood incense

sandalwood is sacred to many traditions and many people believe that it brings one closer to the divine, calms the mind in meditation, transforms desires and maintains one’s alertness. incense can also be effective to deter some insects. the smoke of burning incense is also interpreted as a symbol of a prayer rising to heaven. a brahman priest once shared that we have such a strong reaction to sandalwood because it’s memory is retained in our dna from past lives.

these agarbatti sticks are hand rolled in southern india from the purest oil from indian sandalwood, santalum album grown in the western ghats. we recommend standing the stick in a small bowl of sand and burning perhaps just half a stick per day…..just enough to scent a room.

you can extinguish by simply turning the stick upside down in the sand.  overtime, the scented ash will continue to be fragrant as it collects.

to be safe, never leave a burning stick unattended and always make sure that a room is ventilated.

unfortunately, this item can't be shipped internationally.

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