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100% organic bamboo bedding white

100% organic bamboo bedding white


bamboo is more breathable than cotton, making these sheets perfect for bedding all year round. bamboo is a biodegrdable material and only requires one third of the water used to grow cotton. a vast range of benefits for an eco-friendy product. 

- hypoallergenic
- thermal regulating
- naturally antibacterial
- breathable

*sheet set includes: 2 pillowslips, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet
*quilt cover includes: 2 pillowslips, 1 quilt cover

important care instructions: wash your bamboo using cold water, use delicate laundry liquid, never use any products that contain bleaching agents, optical brighteners or fabric softeners. bamboo can be line-dried or tumble-dried opn a cool, delicate setting. avoid washing with other items 

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