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bamboo towels


approximate size: 

bath towel: length 137cm x width 70cm
hand towel:length 74cm x width 35cm
face washer: length 34cm x width 34cm 

bamboo has a softness like silk and has the advantage of being tough and durable. this is because it comes from the strongest growing wood plant on earth. our bamboo towels are extremely water absorbent (up to three times their body weight) and dry extremely quick. this is due to cross-sectional mirco air pockets within the fibre. bamboo fibre is also hypoallergic and possesses natural antibacterial and deodorising properties due to a bio-agent know as 'bamboo-kun' contained within. 

important care instructions: 

- we recommend washing several times with like colours before use to strengthen fibres 
- if any loose fibres appear, simply cut them off at the base of the pile
- do not use bleach, fabric softeners or optic brighteners as this will remove colour and weaken fibres. 

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