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anumara tjukurpa - 1220mm x 1020mm - caterpillar dreaming - EA#16 (90-16) by rupert jack

anumara tjukurpa - 1220mm x 1020mm - caterpillar dreaming - EA#16 (90-16) by rupert jack


approximate size: 1220mm x 1020mm

*due to the size of this artwork, please contact us on 02 9211 5959 to discuss shipping options. alternatively, you are welcome buy this online using the local pick up option and collect from our surry hills showroom. 

rupert jack is painting a place called anumara, which is a place near irrunytju (wingellina) in western australia. anumara is also the name for a kind of caterpillar and anumara is the tjukurpa (dreaming) for this caterpillar. this caterpillar lives in the grass and can be eaten if the grass it eats is removed. the place shares the same colours of the caterpillar - brown, yellow and pale green.  keeping this place safe will ensure that the caterpillars multiply.

this original artwork has been hand painted by aboriginal artists at the ernabella arts centre. ernabella arts centre is a place where elders, young women and men practice their art, in order to sustain, support and promote cultural heritage and improve the lifestyle of their communities members. 

at planet we donate the full retail margin (after the cost of framing, gst and artist's commission) to a charity nominated by ernabella arts centre; the western dialysis centre. 

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