malilanya by renita stanley


malilanya by renita stanley
  • malilanya by renita stanley
  • malilanya by renita stanley
  • $1,206.00

760 x 760

acrylic on canvas


this is a creation story from near kanpi in the apy lands. malila was a woman with one lame leg who often went hungry because she couldn't search and hunt for food. she would have to wait for her two daughters to bring her meat so she could eat. she travelled around like a dog (on all fours). she travelled from a long way, moving on all fours like a dog and she got to a place near kanpi when it was raining and her daughters helped her build a wiltja to get out of the rain. that wiltja is now an underground cave. one day her daughter brought her meat and Malila saw that it had been cooked by man and said to her daughters, "i''m not going to eat this meat. who are these men? you must have husbands." and she left her cave and went travelling further west where she came across some men and got really angry with them. the men hit her and she fell and rolled down a hill and died. (creating some mountains along the way) women are reminded of malila when they too are too hungry. many people often tell this story, and the woman malila stays in existence.


ernabella arts is a place where elders, young women and men practice and develop their art, in order to sustain, support and promote their cultural heritage, and to improve the lifestyle of their community members.

planet donates the full retail margin (after the cost of framing, gst and artist's commision) to a charity nominated by ernabella arts centre; the western desert dialysis centre. the center assists those in community with dialysis treatment and transport to and from the treatment. this is signifigant as treatment is often quite far and the goal is to enable people to stay in community.

planet is honoured to have these works in our showroom.   

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