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acrylic on linen

yurpiya is painting a place called Anumara, which is a place near Irrunytju (Wingellina) in WA. This is Yurpiya's family's country. Anumara is also the name for a kind of catterpillar and Anumara is the tjukurpa (dreaming) place for this catterpillar. This catterpillar lives in the grass and can be eaten if the grass it eats is removed. The place shares the same colours of the catterpillar - brown, yellow and pale green. Keeping this place safe will ensure that the catterpillars multiply.

planet donates the full retail margin (after the cost of framing, gst and artist's commision) to a charity nominated by ernabella arts centre; the western desert dialysis centre. the center assists those in community with dialysis treatment and transport to and from the treatment. this is signifigant as treatment is often quite far and the goal is to enable people to stay in community.

planet is honoured to have these works in our showroom.   

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