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Sharon Alpren

[timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
  • [timber_furniture] - planet
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sharon works with her hands, pinching, coiling and slabbing, and also on the wheel. intrigued by the process of making and the nature of ceramic materials, she lets the characteristics of the clay, the glaze and the fire direct her work. fascinated with texture, she is forever experimenting with glazes and finishes. sharon wants to make pieces that are used and loved, that people pick up and touch, feel the imperfections and sense the raw, earthy materials.  

pieces are fired in a gas kiln to about 1250 degrees, usually in a reduction atmosphere to create a variety of tones in the clay and textures in the glaze. they are very durable and dishwasher safe.

diameter: 13cm

height: 5cm

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