Tjitjiku tjukurpa - Tjunkaya Tapaya


Tjitjiku tjukurpa - Tjunkaya Tapaya
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a scene from the kutungu tjukurpa.

this story takes place in the country north of uluru. kutungu is a woman about which many stories are told.
in this particular part of the tale, kutungu, now the mother of many children, is travelling with them on a long journey by foot. on the way she has gathered vast amounts of bush foods, particularly 'kampurarpa' (bush tomatoes), and is carrying them in her 'piti' on her head.
the children become very homesick on this journey far from familiar places and refuse to continue on. kutungu again and again asks that they come with her, but eventually they sit down and won't budge. she leaves the bush foods with them and continues on alone.

acrylic on canvas
size: 1000 x 1500 cm
date: 28 September 2014

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