organic cotton white towels
organic cotton white towels

organic cotton white towels


approximate size:

bath towel: length 150cm x width 70cm
hand towel: length 80cm x width 34cm
face washer: length 38cm x width 34cm

organic cotton feels softer as the cotton fibres are left intact and not broken down by chemicals used in the farming and processing of non-organic cotton. as no pesticides, defoliants and fertilisers are used like in conventional cotton production, the organic cotton smells cleaner, is more breathable and possesses hypoallergic properties. 

important care instructions: 

- no heat/tumble drying, this may cause shrinkage of 5-10%
- to remove stains, spray with 1 part white vinegar and 3 part water solution. dry in direct sunlight and repeat process if necessary. 
- do not dry clean



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