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on April 28, 2015

the tea ceremony is a japanese cultural activity involving the preparation and presentation of matcha, a powdered green tea. the ceremony is steeped in tradition and is very choreographed and ordered which results in a specific range of equipment. aesthetically speaking, there are many variants of dōgu (tools) that are chosen for different levels of the ceremony. these tools are seen as a highly significant personal expression.


above you will find some of the key equipment used in a traditional tea ceremony.

the tea caddy (cha-ire) is specifically used when making thick tea (koicha). the whisk (chasen) is carved from a single piece of bamboo and is used during the ceremony to prepare the tea for drinking. the tea scoop (chashaku) is carved from bamboo and is used to transfer the tea from the chaire to the chawan.

the tea bowl (chawan) has many variants and there are many different considerations when choosing a tea bowl whether it is chosen for a specific tea ceremony or for your own use. chawans are appreciated for the rim (kuchi-zukuri), the inside of the bowl (mikomi), the body of the bowl (dou) and the foot (koudai). It is a personal object, one that feels balanced, has a pleasant weight and overall, feels right in your hands. 

the ladle (hishaku) is made from bamboo and is used when transferring hot water from the pot to the chawan and is always placed on a rest (futa-oki) and the water pot (mitzusashi) is filled with fresh cold water that is used by the host to fill the heated iron pot (kama). 

tea ceremony equipment serve as practical tools but are also deeply aesthetic and can be admired in use or ornamentally. planet is inspired by both vintage and contemporary ceramics and are focused on representing a wide selection of techniques. our unique and ever growing collection will allow for you to discover and find your own style within planet.


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