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  • evolution at planet

    come and have a peruse at the evolving showroom at planet


    since we have made a change to include blackbutt alongside spotted gum as an option for all of our furniture, things have changed in our space.

    just this week, some new showroom display pieces have arrived in the paler blackbutt species of sustainably grown australian hardwood....pictured above in the quilted cabinet and rotating bookcase.

    we have also added some drops of fabric colour to define spaces and to change the mood and feeling of areas within our areas..

    its been a great opportunity to refine proportions and details of some of our classic designs also.

    over the coming weeks and months new designs will be arriving....

    and you will be pleased to know that we now have supply of our solid engineered spotted gum, so all of our classics are available in stock or standard production lead times.

    like with nature, we aim for a sophisticated evolution of what we do, rather than dramatic changes. we hope that you like our efforts to constantly respond to your needs and to offer intelligent solutions


  • ooh its cold

    its getting cold in australia, so we are all enjoying lovely restful slumber. at planet we have created a collection of new quilts, all to fit king or queen beds with textiles that we have commissioned to be made, or collected vintage pieces from many different cultures. all of our quilts have cotton filling.

    the tumeric yellow quilt above is eri silk hand-spun and handwoven from assam, the darker mustard silk is vintage japanese and the darker neutral is muga silk from bihar. the tumeric dyed khadi (handspun and handwoven) cotton backing fabric is also made for us in india. hanging is a handwoven linen in mustard and the carpet is hand-loomed wool, made for planet in a range of sizes.

    the quilt above has a resist-dyed main silk panel in dark teal with plain black handwoven silk top and bottom, the reverse is grey khadi cotton. hanging is yak's wool from ladakh, woven in the kullu valley also in the himalayas.

    the main panel of this quilt above is screen printed denim. the top and bottom panels are natural indigo yarn dyed khadi cotton and the backing fabric is fine blue khadi cotton. the pure silk pile hand knotted carpet is made just for planet and the hanging textile is ikat from indonesia.

    luxuriate in this quilt made from three handwoven silks that have been made just for planet in india. the backing fabric is fine grey khadi cotton. the hand knotted carpet has a subtle pattern and is made for us in bhadohi, the carpet centre for more than 400 years.

    celebrate the arrival of cooler weather with a bedroom revamp from planet. we have a huge range of quilts, so come in and have a play.

  • finding yourself at home..... celebrating your mum

    finding something for your mum is the easiest gift all year! she will love whatever you present and think that its perfect. however at planet we can help you to find that piece that is right for everyone involved, whether its a small thing that says "I remember you" or something lavish and unique...

    these japanese vintage kokeshi dolls and vintage vases appeal to highly individual tastes.

    all items appearing here are available online... well untill sold out.

    boiled wool throws are soft, warm and a generous size. we have a huge range of colours and of course our gift wrapping service is free... and we have a great range of gift cards too

    our drawers are filled with hundreds of different scarf options from budget to lavish luxury.  silks, cotton, linen, alpaca, pashmina, cashmere, in a huge range of techniques, khadi, handlooms, hand embroidery, jamdani, shibori and bandhani, blockprinting, kalamkari hand painting with natural dyes... the easiest gift to get right

    perhaps mum loves something natural, soft, sweetly fragranced and special. how about our sandalwood vegan soap, or organic cotton towels from japan, beeswax candles and a huge range of botanical salus range products?

    you can buy online and collect instore, or have us mail items in advance

  • balance for better

    profile #1 
    sharon alpren: ceramicist 

    Photographer Andrew Craig

    with an english background, did you notice a difference in equality issues or awareness from england to australia?

    i think gender bias is an ongoing issue in the arts although when i moved from the uk to australia 15 years ago I did not particularly notice a difference in that respect between the two countries in the field of ceramics. however society and culture in the uk, especially in london where i grew up, is far more diverse and multicultural than it is in australia, and this seems to be reflected in the greater variety of work created over there, whereas in australia it seems more homogenised. The uk also has a very long history and tradition of ceramics which i think has lead to a greater awareness of ceramics in general, respect for the craft, and appreciation of quality and value.


    with running a business as a successful ceramicist and artist what advice would you give yourself if you were to write a letter to yourself say 10-15 years ago?

    i would advise the me of 10-15 years ago to be very patient, because ceramics is a really slow process, and to be ready for plenty of loss and frustration as the failure rate can be quite high. i would tell myself to take lots of notes and never throw them away, as i’ve found myself returning to old ideas and glaze recipes years later. Also to stay fit and strong as ceramics has been unexpectedly physical, and hard on the back and wrists in particular. I would advise myself to develop the business alongside the work itself, and not leave it as an afterthought as many of us makers tend to do. and I would also tell myself to be very wary of copper, because i’ve learnt the hard way that just a tiny amount in the glaze on just one little pot in a kiln has the power to turn everything pink.

    Photographer Andrew Craig

    have you had in the past or currently have a mentor or person who has guided you or taught you lessons? what has been the pivotal teachings you have learnt to date? 

    i have had a number of teachers which, technically speaking, has been very helpful, as everyone does things a little differently. though the teacher that has been most influential, and who remains a mentor today, is melbourne ceramicist shane kent, who taught me for a few years when I first moved to melbourne. He really encouraged me to follow my own path at a time when most other ceramicists were making very fine pieces from porcelain. he taught me the importance of following my instincts, of making things i love, and being authentic to myself and the materials.


    profile #2
    juliette: designer + co-founder arent & pyke

    what does being a co-founder of a female dominated and led business as arent pyke mean to you?

    not for a moment, did i think 12 years ago when we started our business that we would be set apart from men performing the same role in the same type of business. I have often had reason to doubt this belief over the years, however the strength in us both being women who lead a team of designers of all women does feel very much like we are part of something bigger than just the work that we produce.

    photograph by Hugh Stewart 
    how do you relate to the phrase of this years international women’s day, “balance for better”?

    to me, it is all about finding gender balance across all spectrums. currently, there is a burning desire in our all of our lives to find balance, to get the balance right, but on a very small scale I find that balance for better is really a wonderful notion for men to be fully embracing. on a domestic level, gender parity means there is an awareness and appreciation of the very important role many of us (have chosen) and are tasked with - being the emotional, physical and spiritual guardians of our children - who are the leaders of tomorrow that will continue this movement.
    to forge a bright future for women locally and internationally, we must set a new example to our children. boys and girls.
    photograph by Anson Smart - editorial styling by Steve Cordony

    what do you see in the future of your industry and how we can improve equality within the workforce?

    female designers, architects, artists and artisans who forge their own path, speak the truth and command attention while doing so are the ones that will expect nothing less than equality in the workforce. for the future I see more empathy, more flexibility and more intelligence when it comes to gender parity.


    profile # 3 – ross longmuir (director / designer planet)

    ross, how have you seen society change since you’ve been in business with planet in regards to gender equality with the makers you collaborate with to the staff you employ or the clients you work with?

    we are so lucky that in australia, there are so many ways to be a woman today although the road to respect and freedom for all people requires effort from the entire community, including all genders. It seems to me that there are increasingly complex gender issues that we have all become more aware and respectful of. we should all be wary of stereotypes and particularly of our own conformity to perceived rigid roles. for some sections of the community there are increasing options for how women are living their lives, which is a great reason to celebrate, while there is also at the same time there is a strengthening binary notion of gender for others, that I frankly find a bit scarey. we are all part of the community that empowers everyone to be authentic and true to themselves

    balance for better the phrase of women’s international day 2019 is a year long activity and collaboration. this theme provides a unified direction. 

    when i think about balance for better as the theme of 2019 women’s international day in 2019, I realize how important the power of love is. we all know instinctually know that loving is always more powerful than any other behavior and a woman’s ability to tap into this resource keeps us all on track.

    as international women’s day is a global day celebrating social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women - who are some women that inspire you (past or present) and why?

    celebrating women is a great thing to do on any day. at planet i am fortunate to speak to clients and suppliers all day and the incredible diversity of our female clients and suppliers and staff is always a thrill. my first thought is of the hundreds of women from around the world that make products for our showroom. women who labour to create useful beautiful items that bring enduring delight to our clients. often love is built into their crafting as they build the security of their families and communities and I also think of the laughter and connection that I have been part of as I work with women in villages in india to create items.

  • finding yourself at home...

    thanks for another great year with planet...we love our interactions with clients and thankyou for all of your interest and support in 2018...

    we are open our regular hours until christmas... and afterwards we are closed for all public holidays as well as for january we will be closed sundays and mondays

    it was a huge year for ceramic tableware once again with an expanded range of tableware from our australian makers, supplemented with vintage japanese pieces

    we loved creating new pieces for you this year... carpets, blankets, scarves, cushions and quilts as well as so many fully customised pieces of furniture

    thanks saeed our amazing photographer for all of his beautiful images this year... keeping you all entertained and informed

    thanks for those of you who could join us for our beautiful indian summer party in november. it was lovely having a big group together to celebrate..... for no particular reason at all.... with tabla and sitar, poetry from bhupen thacker and flowers by sandy jumikis

    once again we loved showing you beautiful paintings from ernabella in the apy lands of the central desert....and as you probably know, the full benefit of the sale price is returned to the community


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