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  • its not you.... its us

    its not you... its us......
    so sorry that we haven't been in touch for a while.
    to be honest its been rather busy. and quite fun to be in such demand and its very affirming that so many clients are shopping with us...
    however photography has gone a little onto the back-burner.. but that's all changing and we have so many new products in store and some new evolutions ... its quite exciting....

    we promise that we'll be in touch more often soon.


    our carpet makers have been managing to still work and to also to get things shipped to we have a wide selection of options in different styles and price points. this beauty above takes three months to make and it is handspun and naturally dyed and then double hand knotted... we have stock in other colourways also and we can make this original design to size and colour.... and more pieces are on the way and in production.

    we have found a great new use for vintage japanese kimono turning them into drum pendant light shades. each one comes with a diffuser disc in the base, so you won't be looking at a glarey globe... and these are now online also.

    clients have asked us for round carpets recently... so we made some... in a variety of sizes and colours..

    a slightly new direction in colours for the showroom has evolved and  our first large shipment of japanese vintage ceramics have just landed in store.... some will be on the website very soon....and we have added a booty of natural crystals, australian ceramic tableware, kokeshi dolls  so yes we are always evolving... lets catch up soon.

  • your happy place

    many of you seem to be reorganizing your lives at present... and so are we.... with new designs arriving in our showroom.  all in solid engineered spotted gum.

    the angularity cabinet has some personality and movement and accommodates various collections of your finery...  there are many small bevel details throughout the construction and it can be customised to make it best fit for many places in your home.

    the angularity desk can be used in many spaces for a compact workspace or perhaps a dressing table when teamed with the twisted mirror.


    the twisted bookcase desk has a retracting keyboard platform, so when its packed away, it looks like a bookcase, rather than a workstation in your home... and yes it is deeper at the right hand side... its rather difficult to capture in a photograph.

    perhaps at the end of the financial year, its timely for a small upgrade   .... and just remember..... when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping...

  • finding yourself at home.....

    sunday may 10th is mother's day

    so for everything that your mother means to you,
    planet has a great selection of gift ideas.
    we are keeping our extensive showroom stocked full
    and we are open every day
    (except for public holidays including anzac day tomorrow)
    our website is being upgraded constantly
    and although not everything from the showroom is online, 
    we do have a large, ever expanding digital selection.

    how about a basket from tjanpi desert weavers with emu feather edge detail? or cut series oil burner and votives in porcelain, by szilvia gyorgy, marble bowls, vase by terunobu hirata and emu feather dusters.... all above

    perhaps your mum loves things japanese... a silk shibori obiage that she can use as a scarf,  vintage kokeshi dolls, a tea caddy, a chawan tea bowl, or one of our many vintage japanese vases.

    or maybe she loves a cup of tea and a chat? a hand thrown david collins teapot, or jennifer everett shino glazed cups, alessandro di sarno bowl, cork coasters and place mats, some brass spoons,  a ceramic scallop shell in shino glaze by terunobu hirata, a slab of australian tiger iron stone to use as a trivet or a japanese woodfired vase from bizen?

    or perhaps she meditates, is into "yoga" and crystals? organic australian beeswax candles purify the air and burn very slowly, a brass candle snuffer reduces smoke and mess when extinguishing. our incense burner and pure sandalwood incense are our most popular gift item of all time and are available now in pack of 108 sticks as well as our classic pack of 10. we have tibetan singing bowls and a selection of crystals in various varieties.... totes wellness!

    and how amazing is our weather currently!!?!!!
    so your mum loves gardening... how about an apron, secateurs, gardeners soap, ikebana scissors, a jute bag for collecting leaves, moisturising hand-cream and a bath salts for the end of the day....

    delivery services seem to be overloaded  and australia post and courier services are experiencing delays...
    and we would love to help you spoil your mum, on time....
    so it would be great to get organised early if you would like purchases delivered...
    and please remember to send us a note requesting gift wrapping.

    you might prefer to click and collect..

    otherwise, we'll look forward to seeing you in the showroom soon.
    (just not tomorrow)

    kind regards, from all of us at planet

  • finding yourself at home.....

    we are still here!
    (at a required minimum social distance of 1.5 meters)

    many people are surprised that our showroom is open usual hours and we can’t see any need to close in the near future.
    our thoughts are with you if times are tough at present, but its good to consider that there are always people worse off than you are, and if you sincerely try, there are always many things to appreciate.
    the government has been clear that a small category of retailers have been instructed to be closed and many other shops have closed for their own business or safety decisions, however its clear that planet can still trade.
    our showroom technically could accommodate more than 70 clients, keeping to the 4 square meter minimum rule  (although moving around might look like a chess game)
     so to have four or eight visitors at a time, means that we can easily keep required social distance of minimum 1.5 meters from you…… and although it's a little weird to back away from you while having a chat,  hey we will all get used to it.

    we have hand sanitizer on arrival as a requirement, and we are regularly cleaning surfaces.  our door is open, so that you don’t even have to touch it.
    and you are welcome to pack your own purchases if you desire and of course paying by card is generally safer.
    and thanks for asking… is good!
    it surprised me also until i thought about that we aren’t expecting to travel internationally for possibly twelve months and we can’t go to a restaurant, or concert, party, bar or wedding, so we are not purchasing clothes either,  and staying at home means that we are tidying things up and making some improvements in the space where we are spending more time than ever before.
    after the recent fires we also anticipated issues with timber supply, however our supply is secure, so its full steam ahead…. why not upgrade to some new well designed furniture, built locally of sustainably grown hardwoods? or freshen and cosy up your living spaces with cushions and throws? or support local ceramic makers by upgrading to some new tableware?

    please have a look online if you prefer to shop that way, and we do have the click and collect or delivery options to reduce your time in our space. also please keep in mind that there are many items in our store that are not online and we are happy to help you with those items online or by phone also.
    lets all try to be optimistic, to keep being creative and productive and to look for things to be grateful for.
    kind regards, from all of us at planet

  • finding yourself at home.....

    we hope that you are all safe and happy and looking for things to appreciate.
    people are starting to talk about their lives slowing down
    and how much they are enjoying not being so busy for once...

    we have noticed that lots of clients are nesting.
    it seems like time to take stock and rethink.
    and lots more of you have the inclination to shop online...
    although our spacious showroom is still open regular hours,
    and generous social distancing is easy.

    australian studio ceramists are passionate about making the everyday moments special.
    we have restocked the showroom after a hectic season at the end of last year.
    how about a new mug? a special bowl for your morning cereal... a plate for those corona biscuits? alessandro di sarno has made a new shino glaze collection for planet, terunobu hirata has delivered a huge selection of different pieces in different styles, both in tableware and vases.
    there are many other new items from our regular makers also.

    our sandalwood incense is incredibly popular......
    a little something to purify, lift spirits and it make you feel special. 
    combined with planet designed incense burner, this pair is a perfect gift.

    if you purchase an item online, remember to ask us in the note section to send items gift wrapped ... all at no extra charge.....and we can forward direct to whomever you choose, australia wide.

    at this time of year we start to look forward to the change in season.
    snuggling in bed and on the sofa is extra special with alpaca throws and blankets, or
    a planet quilt made from vintage japanese kimono silk and hand-spun and handwoven cotton. all of our carpets are online too....and can be couriered anywhere in australia.

    over the last years we have been carefully expanding our full e-commerce website.
    photographing, documenting, editing and formatting.
    and now we know why.
    rather just a research tool, many of you now are using it for purchases like never before.
    we are ready here at planet, to help you to navigate the temporary new normal.

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