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ceramic vessels from australian makers for your table

on December 15, 2016

australian studio potters seem to be riding a crest of a wave at present, with texture, individuality and colour celebrated on tabletops. you may have noticed vessels matched to food in restaurants and  a sudden increase in diverse options available. since 1998 planet has sourced and commissioned tableware from makers who are committed to forging new directions in ceramic design. lots of hobbyists are discovering the challenges and intricacies of ceramic techniques. the artisans represented in our showrooms have undertaken years of study, development and passion to arrive at their current accomplishments. at this time of year we make a special effort to load the showrooms full of exciting new offerings from creative souls working in their studios with the sole intention to delight you. the above image shows platters from sharon alpren and a vase by terunobu hirata.

hand painting has been used to decorate the surface of ceramics for centuries. these luscious pieces by shannon garson are fresh in store and celebrate everything summery and australian. each piece is unique and hand-thrown in durable porcelain, from tea cups to salad bowls and yes you can use them too!

terunobu hirata has a new collection of hand-thrown and altered stoneware vases. these pieces have an ash glaze and are fully functional. terunobu's forms have a contemporary line but are totally integrated with the wabi sabi traditional aesthetic of japan, being natural, humble and perfect in their imperfection.

this collection of cast porcelain has a glaze surface exclusive to planet. this hit range will be topped up with new stock this week with large platters, salad bowls and individual bowls too.  there always is something new about to arrive, just in time at planet. we have loads more in both showrooms to excite you

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