thanks for everything. planet is now closed permanently. only incense will continue to be sold online here. kind regards, ross

finding yourself at home...

on November 23, 2016

so its that time of year again believe it or not......
loads of clients are shopping for gifts already, so we thought that we might remind you again that we are here for you... with naturals and handmade its easy to choose something useful and beautiful

salus botanical soaps and body products, our now famous sandalwood incense, pure beeswax candles, sandalwood soaps, loofah and fluffy towel.... to help anyone relax and let the stress wash away

candlearama...for a little bit of light:  with all australian made and thrown porcelain "cut series" and "dint series" votives, glass bubbles and votives made of banksia seed pods.

these perfect entertainers are thrown and altered bowls  made of porcelain and glazed on the interior and textured on the exterior... by stephanie james-manttan

a few of my favourite things.... we have hemp, linen cotton and even recycled sari silk twine and a selection of scissors.


sharon alpren thrown stoneware with inlaid porcelain line detail with ode cast porcelain bowls glazed in a style exclusive to planet.... plus a huge range of australian tableware for entertaining and gifting


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