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finding yourself at home...

on October 22, 2017

at planet we think that hand-made tableware has always been in style.  we first established a showroom in 1998 and have always prominently promoted functional vessels by australian studio makers. over the years the quality and range of our collection has evolved.

its curious that in the digital age, there seems to be a mainstream trend back to the tactile and very immediate characteristics of fired earth. we are finding that restaurants are leading the charge to make their tables seem unique and with sydney's current obsession with cuisine, this evolution has a long way to run.        

the following pieces are a small part of the extensive collection of tableware that we showcase in store

alessandro di sarno (above) loves the sydney  landscape and rock-climbing and surfing are part of his lifestyle here. being from rome, he is also a little obsessed with food and beauty. these pieces (above) are carefully crafted with the gestures of making, weight, balance, the thickness of rims and the feeling in one's hand in mind..... but still there is an essence of landscape referred to in his soft khaki glaze. his range is expanding and being constantly refined.

sharon alpren's work (above) has a quiet sophistication. this matt black glaze over an iron clay body results in spots of metallic iron on the surface of the vessels. food looks wonderfully dramatic on black .

jennifer everett (above and below) has come to ceramics in the last few years and is passionate about contributing to a beautiful world. her pots are carefully considered. to me they have an aesthetic that verges on the industrial, with a riveted joins and slabs of clay expressed when they are overlaid.     

forms are repeated in three ranges of glazes. some of the blue glazed pieces are wood-fired... an involved process that takes days to complete, all in the pursuit of subtle surface variations.     

what you can't see in these images is the soft refinement in the way that they feel to the hand...there are no sharp edges on these beauties and they will stand up to even daily use.

ange and cam from ode are a total inspiration for passionate pursuit of creating expression. they have moved to the country in the last year to expand their capacity for focusing on their ceramic enterprise...... rather a grand way to describe a rather large shed on their property where they make pots.

their cast porcelain pieces (below) are the result of careful consideration of an original aesthetic to make the ritual of daily meals something to be enrich our lives. we thought that the monumental drapery background was perfect for their classic and contemporary take.     
these glazes are also exclusive to planet

hilary jones (below) studied at the jam factory in adelaide for two years full time to pack her life full of clay and glazes and techniques. her quiet classic pieces are extremely well made and her soft matt surfaces reveal forms beautifully. she makes large generous forms with the warmth of clay-bodies merging with cool glaze colours

this is just a small selection of what we have in store. many other studio makers are pouring their big hearts into vessels to delight just you!    as we approach the season for entertaining and giving gifts, we have loaded the showroom with exciting ranges of new pieces for your pleasure.
and of course many of the items are unique and unrepeated.....we do have some available on our website but there is no better way than to come in store to have an explore.....



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