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on July 11, 2018

china is home to a centuries old buddhist tradition. this seated temple bodhisattva (an enlightened being who is in the physical world to benefit others) is from central china in the period of the emporer 'chien lung'  (1780-1840) and is carved timber  with traces of paintwork and comes with a certificate of authenticity. the green porcelain vintage vessels are japanese.

this japanese vessel has an oribe glaze with great luster. it has been hand-thrown and altered in porcelain and perfectly displays a japanese intersection of a sense of control meeting a certain looseness in execution.

these cushions are digitally printed in either velvet or linen, each one is unique

the cabinet below was a custom design for a home entrance alcove. our solid engineered spotted gum allows us to built quality that will be incredibly robust, while having panels which stay stable. over time the surface will also develop a rich patina and become even more beautiful

entitled malilanya, this painting in acrylic by inawinytji stanley is a creation story from the the ernabella community of the apy lands. we are honoured to be able to present paintings expressing traditional stories in this way. and as you may know already, the full price of these works benefits the community, with the normal margin paid to the artist and our usual retail margin donated to a dialysis charity to assist people living in community

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