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its not you.... its us

on March 04, 2021

its not you... its us......

so sorry that we haven't been in touch for a while.
to be honest its been rather busy. and quite fun to be in such demand and its very affirming that so many clients are shopping with us...
however photography has gone a little onto the back-burner.. but that's all changing and we have so many new products in store and some new evolutions ... its quite exciting....

we promise that we'll be in touch more often soon.


our carpet makers have been managing to still work and to also to get things shipped to we have a wide selection of options in different styles and price points. this beauty above takes three months to make and it is handspun and naturally dyed and then double hand knotted... we have stock in other colourways also and we can make this original design to size and colour.... and more pieces are on the way and in production.

we have found a great new use for vintage japanese kimono turning them into drum pendant light shades. each one comes with a diffuser disc in the base, so you won't be looking at a glarey globe... and these are now online also.

clients have asked us for round carpets recently... so we made some... in a variety of sizes and colours..

a slightly new direction in colours for the showroom has evolved and  our first large shipment of japanese vintage ceramics have just landed in store.... some will be on the website very soon....and we have added a booty of natural crystals, australian ceramic tableware, kokeshi dolls  so yes we are always evolving... lets catch up soon.

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