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ooh its cold

on June 01, 2019

its getting cold in australia, so we are all enjoying lovely restful slumber. at planet we have created a collection of new quilts, all to fit king or queen beds with textiles that we have commissioned to be made, or collected vintage pieces from many different cultures. all of our quilts have cotton filling.

the tumeric yellow quilt above is eri silk, hand-spun and handwoven from assam, the darker mustard silk is vintage japanese and the darker neutral is muga silk from bihar. the tumeric dyed (handspun and handwoven) cotton backing fabric is also made for us in india. hanging is a handwoven linen in mustard and the carpet is hand-loomed wool, made for planet in a range of sizes.

the quilt above has a resist-dyed main silk panel in dark teal with plain black handwoven silk top and bottom, the reverse is grey hand spun and hand woven cotton. hanging is yak's wool from ladakh, woven in the kullu valley also in the himalayas.

the main panel of this quilt above is screen printed denim. the top and bottom panels are hand spun and hand woven natural indigo yarn dyed cotton, and the backing fabric is fine blue handspun and handwoven indian cotton. the pure silk pile hand knotted carpet is made just for planet and the hanging textile is ikat from indonesia.

luxuriate in this quilt made from three handwoven silks that have been made just for planet in india. the backing fabric is fine grey hand spun and hand woven cotton. the hand knotted carpet has a subtle pattern and is made for us in bhadohi, the carpet centre for more than 400 years.

celebrate the arrival of cooler weather with a bedroom revamp from planet. we have a huge range of quilts, so come in and have a play.

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