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finding yourself at home... 10 may 2015 newsletter detail

on May 10, 2015

we have loved and presented szilvia gyorgy's work for many years and are exited about a new collection from her studio, the 'dint' series. these pieces (above) are traditionally thrown on a potters wheel where she intentionally forms each piece differently. this is something that she believes reflects the reality of our own individuality. szilvia throws multiple shapes and before firing they are then squeezed together with one piece formed by the other. these thin and translucent shapes are white when not illuminated but transform to a warm and ambient light when turned on. 

her 'cut' series pendants are a new direction from this classic collection. they are formed on the wheel where she centres her clay and begins to throw a bowl form. during the drying process, szilvia cuts the pieces with a sharp knife and then reassembles each element. a strong focus on shadow play and negative shapes results in a beautiful diffuse light. for many years clients have requested these as pendants, so we are happy that they are now available.

szilvia is contributing to the venice art biennale where her works will be presented as a large format video projection. the address is via garibaldi 1791 sestiere, castello. it is right between the giardini and the arsenale if you happen to be in venice and want to have a look.

our collecton of szilvia gyorgy's 'dint' table lights are exclusively at planet's potts point showroom while her porcelain candle votives, lights and kitchen wares are displayed in both showrooms.

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