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finding yourself at home...

on December 04, 2015

textile traditions from around the world are always inspiring for creating texture and depth in a room. at planet we have a huge range of cushions that can provide a simple lift for your home. we create many pieces at planet from our textile collections. included in this snapshot are japanese obi silks, kadhi handspun and handwoven wool from india, laotian natural indigo ikat, african stitch resist indigo, turkish silk ikat, crewel embroidery wool from kashmir, handloom with hand embroidery cotton, french silks combined with linen.


this crewel work embroidery from kashmir was made for us at planet, so you won't see the same item in other stores

this hand embroidery on silk from bengal in india is one just 4 pieces that we made from this unique piece of fabric 


japanese vintage pieces were all created from obi silks (the sash that is worn over a kimono)


come in anytime and have a play in our cushion section to find a unique selection that will express your unique take on home styling....and a quick snap of your existing room will help us to make choosing easy

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