thanks for everything. planet is now closed permanently. only incense will continue to be sold online here. kind regards, ross


on June 06, 2018

lovely samorn brought us these beautiful japanese maple leaves this week... so I guess we are officially autumnal at planet. pinky tones are awfully fashionable but persian style carpets are totally out, so we thought combine them and draw your eyes to some incredibly beautiful detail...

lots of new elements make up this room setting, our quilted console which celebrates our australian spotted gum, a carved timber vintage buddha from china, vintage japanese ceramics, planet's soft furnishings made from handwoven and hand embroidered silks, turkish, afganistani and indian hand knotted carpets, kris coad's shelter bone china chandelier, vases by terunobu hirata and murray topham

handknotted carpets bring such richness and texture to a room. the piece on top is central turkish and is silk pile on cotton. done in a regional style, the pattern is executed without a cartoon to have lovely naive motifs and it is of course beautifully soft. the piece on the right is from samarkand afghanistan and is wool on cotton. interestingly it has a swastika motif in the border which is a traditional buddhist symbol. the fine silk on cotton carpet underneath is from kashmir and is made in the persian style with stylised botanical motifs within rectangular spaces...lush patterns add a serviceability to a carpet too...

the vintage lidded pots are used in japanese tea ceremony and are called mizusashi and traditionally carry fresh water. the swirled round vase is by terunobu hirata who is japanese and lives in australia. the other two pale vases seem to be woodfired and have lovely subtle colour variation.

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