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celebrating first nations

on January 27, 2018

to celebrate the first nations of australia this week, we thought that a little spotlight on our paintings was due. ernabella is a community about four and a half hours south of alice springs in the heart of australia. their arts center was established in 1948 and with about forty artists turning up to create every day, it is at the core of their culture.

we decided at planet a while ago that we would love to represent work from this centre. one of our former staff, ruth mcmillan worked in the community for six years with her partner, julian green, so a relationship of trust was very natural. and significantly, planet doesn't make any income from the sale of these works.

of course the artists are paid, and the cost of framing and tax is also taken out of the sale price, and all of the balance we donate to a charity. ernabella arts community decided that they would like the money sent to a charity fund to assist to bring dialysis treatment to ernabella.... western desert dialysis. at present many people need to leave community for treatment for extended periods.

in the 2017 calendar year we donated $9536.60 to the charity after the sale of 17 paintings. many clients seem concerned about aboriginal artists being taken advantage of.... so if you feel inclined... buying an ernabella painting from planet is possibly one of the best feeling things that you could do... the current collection in extensive and varied and we think the best ever.....and as we are selling more and more, the ernabella centre is providing us with spectacularly good work.... you can buy online and then collect in store or even have one delivered .. or best of all, come in and have a look.

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