pendants porcelain cut series light


pendants porcelain cut series light
  • pendants porcelain cut series light
  • pendants porcelain cut series light
  • pendants porcelain cut series light
  • $354.00

approximate size:

height  width                     
small 18cm 18cm
medium  22cm 20cm
large  30cm 24cm
x large 34cm 23cm

these lights are generally made to order with a shorter lead time. store pickup only for medium and larger lights. these lights are too delicate to ship. so please do not select shipping option online for these larger pieces.....more variations also available in our showroom also.

szilvia’s aim is to create objects that express the rhythm of life. she searches for new forms through deconstructing old ones. that creates a shadow play with positive and negative shapes and different planes that she finds very fascinating. szilvia’s pendant lights can be hung in any room. they are nice to look at from below. the pendant light brings the inside out of the form. the success of making depends a lot on good timing.

various phases of the drying of clay requires different process in the making. that is what szilvia loves about clay, that if its laws are respected it is very responsive. szilvia chooses smooth white porcelain and a potter’s wheel, first she centres herself, then the clay on the wheel, and then she throws the bowl. she cuts the form with a sharp knife and rearranges its elements, thinking of the pyroplastic qualities of porcelain in the high firing.

the pendant lights include fittings, however it is the customers responsibility to have them installed by an electrician.
the "cut" series also includes an electrical light range in varying sizes from $343 and votives (to hold candles) at $66.

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