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    handmade australian tableware is durable functional and beautiful. we have shown work from australian makers since our showroom first launched in 1998 and have an extensive range from makers from all over the country in both potts point and surry hills. in the season of overindulgence we thought that you might like to see work from some of our amazing craftspeople.

    andrei davidoff creates this range in single fired handthrown porcelain. the slip brushwork brings an energy and life to clean classic forms. because the porcelain is high temperature fired and vitrified, nothing will penetrate the surface of the vessels

    ode are spectacularly good at creating pleasing original forms that are also functional. these pieces below are from a sydney couple and are made in cast porcelain with body stain in the clay for colour, with clear glaze on interior surfaces.


    sharon alpren handthrows textured earthy raw claybodies and features unique glaze effects to delight users of her work with subtle variations in surface. the work below is beautiful for everyday use or a feature object in your home


    vanessa lucas creates pieces that are utterly contemporary with timeless almost nostalgic references. she was trained in ceramics and then had a career in fashion and claims that after a visit to our sydney showroom a few years ago, she was inspired to get messy with clay again. she casts in porcelain with lovely soft mat glazes in subtle colours


    david collins has had a lifelong career teaching ceramics. recently he has created this beautiful textural tableware collection. we think that it would add warmth and style to any meal




  • finding yourself at home... 10 may 2015 newsletter detail

    we have loved and presented szilvia gyorgy's work for many years and are exited about a new collection from her studio, the 'dint' series. these pieces (above) are traditionally thrown on a potters wheel where she intentionally forms each piece differently. this is something that she believes reflects the reality of our own individuality. szilvia throws multiple shapes and before firing they are then squeezed together with one piece formed by the other. these thin and translucent shapes are white when not illuminated but transform to a warm and ambient light when turned on. 

    her 'cut' series pendants are a new direction from this classic collection. they are formed on the wheel where she centres her clay and begins to throw a bowl form. during the drying process, szilvia cuts the pieces with a sharp knife and then reassembles each element. a strong focus on shadow play and negative shapes results in a beautiful diffuse light. for many years clients have requested these as pendants, so we are happy that they are now available.

    szilvia is contributing to the venice art biennale where her works will be presented as a large format video projection. the address is via garibaldi 1791 sestiere, castello. it is right between the giardini and the arsenale if you happen to be in venice and want to have a look.

    our collecton of szilvia gyorgy's 'dint' table lights are exclusively at planet's potts point showroom while her porcelain candle votives, lights and kitchen wares are displayed in both showrooms.

  • finding yourself at home... 28 april 2015 newsletter detail

    the tea ceremony is a japanese cultural activity involving the preparation and presentation of matcha, a powdered green tea. the ceremony is steeped in tradition and is very choreographed and ordered which results in a specific range of equipment. aesthetically speaking, there are many variants of dōgu (tools) that are chosen for different levels of the ceremony. these tools are seen as a highly significant personal expression.


    above you will find some of the key equipment used in a traditional tea ceremony.

    the tea caddy (cha-ire) is specifically used when making thick tea (koicha). the whisk (chasen) is carved from a single piece of bamboo and is used during the ceremony to prepare the tea for drinking. the tea scoop (chashaku) is carved from bamboo and is used to transfer the tea from the chaire to the chawan.

    the tea bowl (chawan) has many variants and there are many different considerations when choosing a tea bowl whether it is chosen for a specific tea ceremony or for your own use. chawans are appreciated for the rim (kuchi-zukuri), the inside of the bowl (mikomi), the body of the bowl (dou) and the foot (koudai). It is a personal object, one that feels balanced, has a pleasant weight and overall, feels right in your hands. 

    the ladle (hishaku) is made from bamboo and is used when transferring hot water from the pot to the chawan and is always placed on a rest (futa-oki) and the water pot (mitzusashi) is filled with fresh cold water that is used by the host to fill the heated iron pot (kama). 

    tea ceremony equipment serve as practical tools but are also deeply aesthetic and can be admired in use or ornamentally. planet is inspired by both vintage and contemporary ceramics and are focused on representing a wide selection of techniques. our unique and ever growing collection will allow for you to discover and find your own style within planet.


  • finding yourself at home... 13 april 2015 newsletter detail

    finding yourself at home... is our new fortnightly newsletter which aims to inform you while showing and celebrating the things that we love. to receive our newsletter, you can subscribe at the bottom of our website 

    on our blog, there will be a detailed and expanded view of our newsletter which will share informative articles and interests. you can expect our next entries to cover carpet making techniques, tea ceremonies and new items on display. 


    we feature many hand made items, from the top you will find tjanpi desert weaver baskets made from found grass and emu feathers, szilvia gyorgy's hand thrown porcelain cut series votives and ode porcelain beakers and bowls. beneath, we display vintage japanese wares and textiles from around the world along side our australian spotted gum furniture. 

    stay tuned for our next feature

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