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  • finding yourself at home...

    perhaps you have a problem part of your home that has never quite worked as well as you would like? at planet we love to find simple solutions of unique pieces

    bookshelves seem to work well with small books at the top and large books at the bottom. our solid engineered spotted gum australian hardwood provides a unique feature of incredible strength (and little chance of slowly sagging shelves)
    this piece involved graduating display cubes that provide just enough shelf support too. it was actually constructed in two sections for delivery access but its so neatly done that its very difficult to see how it would come apart
    the expanda bed goes from a sofa with a single size mattress base, to a comfortable nearly queen size. we think that it looks sharp and cosy at the same time. we now have one on display in our showroom in surry hills, the mattress is latex and wool with a sewn linen loose cover and solid engineered hardwood structure
    this little cabinet was for audio visual equipment
    we wanted a strong graphic impact
    and the disc works as handles too
    the back of the unit was angled to cope with high victorian skirting boards and to allow the piece to sit against the wall at the top and also be used in other locations in the future
    a mini home office
    with everything that you need but a compact layout
    the keyboard platform tucks away to make it look less desk-like
    so that your bedroom or living room won't look like a workspace when the desk is not in use...and we now have one on display in surry hills

    why don't you come and see us with a problem to solve?
  • finding yourself at home...

    handmade australian tableware is durable functional and beautiful. we have shown work from australian makers since our showroom first launched in 1998 and have an extensive range from makers from all over the country in both potts point and surry hills. in the season of overindulgence we thought that you might like to see work from some of our amazing craftspeople.

    andrei davidoff creates this range in single fired handthrown porcelain. the slip brushwork brings an energy and life to clean classic forms. because the porcelain is high temperature fired and vitrified, nothing will penetrate the surface of the vessels

    ode are spectacularly good at creating pleasing original forms that are also functional. these pieces below are from a sydney couple and are made in cast porcelain with body stain in the clay for colour, with clear glaze on interior surfaces.


    sharon alpren handthrows textured earthy raw claybodies and features unique glaze effects to delight users of her work with subtle variations in surface. the work below is beautiful for everyday use or a feature object in your home


    vanessa lucas creates pieces that are utterly contemporary with timeless almost nostalgic references. she was trained in ceramics and then had a career in fashion and claims that after a visit to our sydney showroom a few years ago, she was inspired to get messy with clay again. she casts in porcelain with lovely soft mat glazes in subtle colours


    david collins has had a lifelong career teaching ceramics. recently he has created this beautiful textural tableware collection. we think that it would add warmth and style to any meal




  • finding yourself at home...

    but perhaps going somewhere this summer? we have a great range of bags to suit men and women. including this range in black canvas with leather detailing from qwestion in switzerland. an exclusive one only set ( of 9 only worldwide) is at our surry hills store.


    indigo blues seem to be having their moment in interiors and fashion. we have this amazing collection of vintage japanese pots in surry hills and many come with their original timber signed boxes


    indigo bedlinen, indonesian ikat throw with laos indigo cushions and vintage persian carpet... and we even have some stock furniture for pre christmas delivery including beds

    and also we have a beautiful collection from an australian leathergoods company... perfect day bags for travel or just getting through your day

    handtowels perfect for guests and turkish towels for the beach or by the pool. many of these pieces are hand spun and hand woven from india.


    andrew burns has created these sweet small vases. taking his inspiration from polystyrene, he has used this material to cast from for a delicate surface texture


    you didn't realise that you might need a glass cloud  in your life... cast in four sizes as a sculptural object or perhaps a paperweight?

  • finding yourself at home...

    we have a huge range of small items for the season of gifts... pure natural and about a christmas decoration made from a banksia seed pod?

    a votive turned from a banksia seed pod, pure beeswax candles that purify the air in a room, salus soaps and personal products made in australia from botanicals, organic cotton and organic indian hand spun and hand woven towels.


    a christmas wreath made from dried seedpods can double as a table centrepiece. soaps, natural moth protection, heat packs for sore muscles and drawer liners all wrapped in block printed indigo fabric

    blokes can be tricky to find a gift for and we have loads of great suggestions. beeswax candles are slow burning and actually purify the air in a room and have a subtle sweet scent

    the salus range of bathroom products are pure and fresh botanicals made in australia.... soaps, hand-creams, bath sals and body lotions. we also have affordable japanese porcelain tableware and a great selection of teatowels in pure european linen 

    this new range of hand thrown porcelain lights by szilvia gyorgy softly diffuse light and are made in locally

  • finding yourself at home...

    textile traditions from around the world are always inspiring for creating texture and depth in a room. at planet we have a huge range of cushions that can provide a simple lift for your home. we create many pieces at planet from our textile collections. included in this snapshot are japanese obi silks, kadhi handspun and handwoven wool from india, laotian natural indigo ikat, african stitch resist indigo, turkish silk ikat, crewel embroidery wool from kashmir, handloom with hand embroidery cotton, french silks combined with linen.


    this crewel work embroidery from kashmir was made for us at planet, so you won't see the same item in other stores

    this hand embroidery on silk from bengal in india is one just 4 pieces that we made from this unique piece of fabric 


    japanese vintage pieces were all created from obi silks (the sash that is worn over a kimono)


    come in anytime and have a play in our cushion section to find a unique selection that will express your unique take on home styling....and a quick snap of your existing room will help us to make choosing easy

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