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  • finding yourself at home...

    textile traditions from around the world are always inspiring for creating texture and depth in a room. at planet we have a huge range of cushions that can provide a simple lift for your home. we create many pieces at planet from our textile collections. included in this snapshot are japanese obi silks, kadhi handspun and handwoven wool from india, laotian natural indigo ikat, african stitch resist indigo, turkish silk ikat, crewel embroidery wool from kashmir, handloom with hand embroidery cotton, french silks combined with linen.


    this crewel work embroidery from kashmir was made for us at planet, so you won't see the same item in other stores

    this hand embroidery on silk from bengal in india is one just 4 pieces that we made from this unique piece of fabric 


    japanese vintage pieces were all created from obi silks (the sash that is worn over a kimono)


    come in anytime and have a play in our cushion section to find a unique selection that will express your unique take on home styling....and a quick snap of your existing room will help us to make choosing easy

  • finding yourself at home...

    teddy was lying around one day after a huge play time with his best friends......he was daydreaming and looking forward to the next time that they would all be together again
    zezza the zebra had learnt some new dance moves that he entertained them all with! see how high that he can jump!
    the monkey sisters loved cuddle time and a great laugh.... how huggy they were!
    the big zebras very very shy.... but they did have baked beans for lunch and perhaps this is why.....
    but em the elephant was never shy and wanted to have a dance off........ and the lion just liked to watch and make jokes
    how great it is to have such different friends and to enjoy time playing in the sun!
  • Twisted cabinet

    at planet we deliver hundreds of custom designs each year

    this cabinet was a recent favourite that we thought was worth sharing with you

    our client has an existing twisted mirror from us and together we thought that a cabinet to relate to the mirror would work well in the room


    our solid spotted gum that is engineered

    to remain stable, enables us to make interesting shapes with all of the advantages of solid timber,

    but none of the movement issues

    we think that our cabinetmakers have done a great job with this piece and the spotted gum has beautiful figuring.

    perhaps you could commission an original design, tailor made to your space too?

  • finding yourself at home...

    12th september is fashion saturday in sydney.

    to celebrate fashion in sydney, please join us at 10.30am at planet commonwealth to hear about "the possibility project" australian women are working with an ngo in jaipur india to create a fashion collection called "slumwear" its all about empowerment and with some very beautiful results, creating garments from recycled saris......pieces will be for sale on the day to assist the project and the girls will have a presentation about their intentions and successes too.

    at the same time planet will feature a display of our handmade scarves from traditions from around the globe

    a small sample of our scarves....

    from top centre then clockwise: laotian natural indigo ikat, australian eucalypt dyed fine wool jersey by anne foy, bengali jamdani muslin, indian hand spun and hand woven silk double weave with squins, indian natural dyed and handpainted kalamkari, double handweave by jennifer robertsonon on a computer assisted loom, indian kota cotton with chikan embroidery, rajasthani silk bhandani, natural indigo matka silk handweave


    indian traditional bhandhani on silk georgette from gujurat made for planet


    traditionan laotian cotton ikat with natural indigo dye


    hand spun and handwoven wool from kutch, gujurat india


    kota dori handweave with chickan embroidery


    jennifer robertson is a national treasure. her double weaves in superfine merino are made on a computer assisted handloom. in places the weave separates to two cloths, in others in becomes one


  • we are all creative

    planet commonwealth had a delightful visit yesterday from artist gael lambie and her husband jim who is currently exhibiting in sydney.

    while discussing their many interests, gael tried on an uzbeck woman’s mantle. traditionally from central asia and embroidered to represent a woman’s status, these ceremonial garments are traditionally worn as a headdress and have vestigial sleeves held together with an embroidered band.

    while we loved gael’s outfit of pink jumpsuit, adorned with jewellery in her hair, she somehow became complete with the mantle


    look out for gael at the next gallery opening, standing well out from the crowd... come back to sydney soon gael and jim!... we loved meeting you

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